2018 Membership & Events

For New Full Life Membership of the New Essenes:
A one off joining fee of £30 will entitle you to attend our Gatherings, discounts to other events and to receive the occasional e news, and details of our very popular annual Summer Gathering.

We had a recent successful short Winter Gathering, this may become an annual event.

The New Essenes is all about meeting like minded people and firm friendships have been made over the decades. It is run solely by unpaid volunteers.

For those not wishing to attend events, but who would like copies of the e news, we also offer Associate Life Membership for a one off fee of £10.

You can download a membership application form.


2016 New name, new website!

As some of you already know from our meeting at the 2015 Summer Gathering, and our Autumn 2015 newsletter, we have decided to wind down the unnecessarily complicated Charity status and revert back to being an organisation. This has included changing our name, to the New Essenes Network.

As part of that change we needed to create a new website (thank you to Emma Peters) and re-create the membership forms and standing order forms (thank you to Linda Whitnall).

We have also had a re-shuffle within the ranks, so to speak, and our friend/trustee/treasurer who has done stirling work trying to maintain our records and keep a lid on the finances over several years whilst we were a Charity (thank you to Chris Reece) is handing over to Linda’s husband Brian, (thank you to Brian Whitnall). Phew!

We intend to carry on with our our Summer Gathering, for as long as everyone would like to take part. We are no longer producing the quarterly newsletter, but a short news email will be sent out by Linda Whitnall to all those with an email address who would like to receive it. (Please send your email details to Brian Whitnall - Treasurer.) Those who genuinely do not use the internet can request a hard copy.

I shall be continuing with national talks, retreats and workshops sharing knowledge about the Essenes, and we do have a Facebook group if you’d like to join in and share, called Essene Network International.

I look forward to meeting you sometime, somewhere.

Peace be with you.